All the Places

Published by Uhlanga Press in June 2019, All the Places is a coming-of-age poetry collection that explores the interplay between place and identity. It is divided into three sections, namely, Rural, Township and Urban. The collection explores how these environmental contexts influence the way people view themselves and navigate the world. The original version of All the Places was written as part of my MA Creative Writing project at UWC. It won the 2020 South African Literary Award (SALA) for Poetry in English and was shortlisted for the 2020 Ingrid Jonker Prize. It was recommended by the Gauteng Department of Education to be made available to no-fee-paying secondary schools in Gauteng. All the Places is available for purchase in major bookstores across the country, such as Exclusive Books and Bargain Books. It is also available for online shopping on platforms such as Loot.

Praises for All the Places

“Poetry with such distinct tenderness it takes your breath away” – Cape Times

“Khanyile’s book is tender, un-intimidating but haunts you long after you have put it down” – Sowetan

“This intense, assured and rewarding collection of poems moves in a triad sequence from
“Rural” to “Township” to “Urban”, and so both, diachronically, tells an individual story and,
synchronically, gives a vivid “State of the Nation” of South Africa today” – Tony Voss

All the Places contains classical poems that will stand the test of time” – 2020 SALA judges.

The Internal Saboteur

Published by Akashic Books in collaboration with The African Poetry Book Fund (APBF) in 2019, The Internal Saboteur explores the role that relationships with our primary caregivers play in shaping the relationships that we build later on in life. Inspired by the Object Relations perspective in psychology, which posits that early relationships become templates for future relationships, The Internal Saboteur is divided into three chapters: Mother, Father and Lover. The Internal Saboteur is one of the chapbooks published by the APBF as part of the annual New- Generation African Poets Chapbook Boxset Series.